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Event Planning and Execution
DC area
- ongoing collaboration since 2019 -

Hughes Communications 

creative direction, song lyrics, video and live performance scripting

for Annual Convention (2020)

This was for the creation of a full day of sessions, broken into 3 "Acts", and the task from the client was to take an enormous amount of technical information about communications satellite program performance in 2019, as well as plans for the coming year, and contextualize the whole thing in terms of a series of game shows, Shark Tanks and Masked Singers. The scripts had to be performable by company execs and staffers, and the complex material massaged so that every audience members (1000+) could take in the information and, at the same  time, be entertained.

A smashing success!” with a script that “was dynamic, exciting and delivered on the goals of the meeting!!” "The client and attendees were more than positive - they were blown away!" 
– Event Organizers