– MicroTales –

1.  With the paving of the road, the final uncertainty was put to rest.

2.  I met a cat who was quite old but had only used one of its nine lives. When I asked her what her secret was – for instance, was it that she exercised an abundance of caution – she replied “No, that’s not it.”

3.  In retaliation for the slight he had received the night before, he hid the butter.


4. With no warning whatsoever, our expectations were upended.


5. All manner of strategies were tried. Unfortunately, none of them had the desired effect.

6. She was certain they were within shouting distance of where it had happened, but that turned out not to be the case at all.


7. He came to the conclusion that there was no disgrace in deciding against it.


8. To her surprise, she arrived much earlier than expected.


9. Once all aspects of the situation had been carefully considered, the addition of one more reptile hardly seemed to matter.


10. Walking in an unfamiliar part of town, she spotted what at first seemed to be a checkered Pomeranian, but it turned out not to be the case.


11. Within a surprisingly short amount of time, they arrived at what at least seemed to be the point of the journey.

12. She was right: it was a very elastic opinion. But at least, he reasoned, the elasticity was his.

13. It was only after careful consideration that she decided there was no possibility of her making a decision.

14. With a surprising lack of self-consciousness, he kept at it.