Music, Text & Design



song from The March by Kathleen Clark

song concept by Kathleen Clark

music & lyrics by Robert Lawson (ASCAP)

all works © 2018

Commissioned by Invisible Theater, Tucson AZ

Susan Claassen, Managing Artistic Director

NOW IS THE TIME - Full Track with scratch Vox - Clark/Lawson
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Lyric sheet

Lead sheet

Lyrics & Chords

The March by Kathleen Clark

Commissioned to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Women's March

A bus load of friends and strangers set out on January 21, 2017 for the Women's March on Washington, and even though their final destination is not what they expected, their voices are heard loud and clear and their lives are changed forever. 

SCRIPT for 'The March'

For more information on Kathleen Clark's script, please contact Lawson or Jack Tantleff at Paradigm Agency

Additional Performance

Sun. 1/21 BCA, Boston -- 5:pm 

Directed by Jess Viator : Theater@First

Other Music by Lawson

Cautionary Tale

a Cabaret Junk Opera in 3 Acts

concept, text, music, lyrics, design by Lawson

Premiere directed by Lawson

Feature Film

Screenplay by Lawson & Jonathan Glatzer

Directed by Glatzer

Song under end credits (with Glatzer and Duff) 

Any Other Day - recorded by Hilary Duff

Andre Recke, producer for Amherst Records

a WW1 soldier's metaphysical tale of loss and reclamation

set in 1919 and presented by the Louche Lounge

and the Microscopic Opera House

in the Afterlife Hotel

ANY OTHER DAY - Lawson/Glatzer/Duff
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Introit & The Wave - R.Lawson : Vocals by Lawson & Bridget Bierne
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SHORELINE - R.Lawson : Vocals by Lawson & Bridget Bierne
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Cautionary Tale Medley Script/Score 6.21.18

SUIT OF ARMOR - R.Lawson : Vocals by Bridget Bierne
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REMEMBRANCE - R. Lawson : Tom Frey, Bridget Bierne
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AMELIA - R. Lawson : Tom Frey, Bridget Bierne
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THE RIVER - R. Lawson : Tom Frey, Bridget Bierne
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WICKED PACK OF CARDS - R. Lawson : from original production
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KYRIE - R. Lawson : Vocals with Bridget Bierne
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The Good Soldier : film for performance

of Cautionary Tale created from pre-existent footage

Echo Chamber

script, music, design and direction by Lawson

Samples of Underscoring

Laboratory Theme - R. Lawson
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Bacchanal - R. Lawson
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The Room - R. Lawson - Unknown Artist
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Faith Propels My Every Moment - R. Lawson
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Inside a laboratory in the future, a series of experiments are carried out on a massive, revolving stone as two scientists go through the alphabet in an attempt to understand humanity. However, as they soon find out, the ‘Room’ itself is really in charge of things, and when they get to the word 'Violence', the Room gets intrigued and won’t let things move on. A series of trans-time events then occur that both illuminate and obscure the human propensity for savagery, both intimate and global. In the midst of this exploration, a new character appears : the X-Ray Technician (actually a manifestation of the room itself). The machine she brings is able to see inside a person’s head, to their dreams and fantasies, and when this happens, the scientists become the subjects, with calamitous results. 

Echo Chamber is inspired by the events that occurred

on the Norwegian island of Utøya in 2011