Design & Multi-media

In addition to writing and directing, Lawson has created a number of large scale multi-media installations, including Memorial (ghost/embers) created in recognition of World AIDS Day.


Memorial was installed at the Fitchburg Art Museum (MA, 2015) and subsequently at

the Thorne-Sagendorph Gallery (Keene, NH 2016) and Franklin Pierce University (NH)

Memorial ( ghost / embers )​ installation views, Fitchburgh Art Museum

Thorne-Sagendorph Gallery (NH)

Video projection onto book from source inside architect's lamp

Gallery views of installation at the Thorne-Sagendorph

Elements included : sculptural figures, backdrop, books, floor units, soundscape, video, wall panels, lighting, benches

Yvonne Boice Performing Arts Center

Franklin Pierce University (NH)

Elements included still projections, video projection on ceiling unit and LED rear projected video on small floating circular unit