Work Currently in Development

Tales of Nicholas Raithe

Anthology series based on surreal short stories by Lawson : in the works



Laws of Nature

magritte-attempting-the-impossible-37 co

Screenplay for Feature film based on collection of short stories by Lawson. Optioned and in development with 1stAve Machine (LA/NYC/London). Andrew Geller, producer. Co-written with and starring Sam Huntington.

The Foreseeable Future

Aleistar Crowley.jpg

Feature inspired by the life of astrologist Evangeline Adams and Aleister Crowley in 1911, and astrologist Joan Quigley's encounters with Nancy Reagan, would-be assassin John Hinkley Jr., and Jodie Foster in the 1980s : in the works


Twins copy inverted.jpg

Screenplay for SciFi Feature film commissioned by and based on story by Max Botkin.

The Clearing

Wolf Headed Man 2.jpg

1 hr. single camera horror series

created by Lawson with Sam Huntington & James Roday

Based on a story by Lawson