Found Objects



It was a day like most, and the route I took for the morning bike ride was pretty much the same. The day before, I had noticed the crutches near the sidewalk, though one had been lying on the ground, the other apparently arbitrarily (or still) propped up against the guardrail, whose reason for being on that stretch of slow, local road was frankly mystifying – I had seen chipmunks stroll across with no apparent fear for their lives. This morning, however, and for reasons I will likely never be privy to, both crutches were leaning up against the rail, in what seemed to me to be an anonymous act of consideration, perhaps even of kindness.


Miracle Cure.jpg

It was gratifying to realize that miracle cures were not a thing of the past.

– 5/31/20



. . . bike tow in parking lot by old bank (still there a week later)




– 6/13/20 

IMG_7069 copy.JPG



. . . square "rock" in the midst of the woods, up by the bridge over the dam water, Vatcher Rd.




– 6/17/20 

Square Rock 3.JPG



. . . abandoned kid's bike, with no seat, up in West Peterborough.




– 6/20/20 

Bike with no Seat 2.JPG


- - - it's been moved down the street

Bike with no Seat 7.15.jpg

– 7/15/20 

Bike with no Seat 7.18.heic

a third migration


– 7/18/20 



. . . found on the ground near Adams playground, Peterborough

– 7/7/20 




. . . sign of the times (Union St., Peterborough)

– 7/21/20 

Mask 7.21.jpg