Pilot script and series layout by Lawson

1 hr. single camera television drama based on the young adult trilogy The Promises of Dr. Sigmundus by Brian Keaney. Currently in development with Goodman Pictures (Louisville) Aaron Wiederspahn, Joe Goodman, Wojciech Frykowski producers. Directors : Bartosz Konopka, Borys Lankosz. Marcin Koszlaka, DP 

Equal parts Bradbury-esque science fiction and Dickensian dramedy, Dream|State is a grown up adventure for young adults; a coming of age story set in a dystopian future where drugs are used to eliminate dreams, emotions and the imagination – supposedly for the survival of the species and the planet. The story revolves around a privileged young woman who is just discovering her scientific brilliance, and a downtrodden young man destined to be a philosopher king – the two of them fated to depose an authoritarian tyrant, and restore civilization to the fullness of its humanity.


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Pilot Script